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SECTOR LABS: Senior Full Stack Engineer wanted for our office in Cluj-Napoca


So theres not too much to say, I guess I'm more curious in others opinions on this. I am an approx 22.5 year old man, I recently snagged a really really good job. I work as a corporate level administrator in the trucking industry. It's been a pretty sweet gig so far and have no complaints as of yet (2 months in). I would also like to preface the following with saying that I work with a very diverse staff of coworkers who are all as professional as they can be, rarely is it that someone cant pull their own weight.

About a week ago I was walking through the parking lot to my car after the end of the day, and I was looking at the sunset through the chain link fence. As my eyes darted around i happened to notice a pink metal plate bolted onto the fence, I thought to myself "woah, what's that and how did i not notice it before?" So i started reading it and I was immediately greeted with slight disappointment. Basically, it read as follows "FEMALE EMPLOYEE PARKING SPACE ONLY!" with a large symbol in the middle of the sign which is also seen on women's public bathrooms.

Now, let me clarify I am not "Irate" or "fuming" about it, but I dont really buy into the whole chivalry, white knighting culture that the men of previous generations upheld fedora intensifies. I even asked my fiance when I got home, just to get a female insight on it. She said she thought it was stupid. I guess I'm just coming from the territory of you can show that your a diverse company dedicated to equality, without making tedious or unimportant decisions like special parking. Just my two cents on it though.


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