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The issue with pregnancy and periods etc etc is that the people who are most unsympathetic to the issues that women face regarding them are mostly men, because they will never have to personally face those issues, and the people that are protesting the defunding of services like PP are mostly women

There are more men than women in government, therefore, if pregnancy became a men’s issue, there’d be more funding going into PP and other services like it


The average black family has 5% of the wealth as the average white family. Until this is mitigated racial tensions will continue to grow in the US. This isn’t for something that happened hundred of years ago it’s for real economic discrimination that African Americans faced throughout the 20th century and continues to this day. White home ownership was a government handout made by the development of suburbia which created an enormous pool of middle class wealth. This wasn’t earned it was facilitated by the federal government and excluded non whites. If we want to put race behind us we need to close the racial wealth gap.




Reading through posts on this subreddit today, I see many people unsatisfied with the Battle Pass and people who continually talk down to the dev team.

Give the dev team a break. Respawn managed to put out a game that was a record breaking success with a team one third of the size of their biggest competition, Fortnite. Epic Games has had a year and a half to work on ideas, get community feedback and bring the game to the state it is in now. They have also had a year and a half to grow the dev team to organically support the growth. Respawn has had 6 weeks.

As a community, we shouldn't hold Respawn to the same standard. I doubt that the small team expected to shatter records and do it as fast as they have. I have no doubt they want to put out the best content possible, which is evident in the game itself. Yes changes need to be made, but that will come with time.

Please let the dev team have some fun with the development and advertisement of their product. We need to be a community that Respawn wants to do great work for, not one that picks apart everything they do.


Theres 100 tiers in the battlepass. 11 of those tiers are fucking trackers. 9 are introquips. 14 are apex co8ns probably either 50 or 100 each 19 are fucking level portraits 9 XP boosts and all of the rest are really shitty rare tier skins or banners except for 3 legendaries one which looks like a recolor of OCTANES normal skin The tier 100 being for one of the worst guns in the game.

This is what the hype was for boys. This is what they teased endlessly. I love Apex but o think this might be the worst BP I've ever seen.


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