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So yesterday I posted this. I succeeded. So here is my comprehensive report on my 24 hours without my phone/internet.

I started at 1PM, it was a quite spontaneous decision. The reason why I wanted to take this challenge was, because I felt my phone was a distraction from living the life I wanted. I came to the conclusion that I used my phone because I felt bored, didn't know what else to do. I used it as a timekiller, which is so contradictory with my fear of wasting time. Now I know that my phone is a waste of time.

After I had put my phone down, I tried to listen to some thoughts I had put away for quite a while. I wanted to draw, but I never started, because it takes so much effort (not). This time I didn't have anything to do, so I grabbed my art journal and colored pencils, swept the dust off of it and just started. That was the first time I wanted to grab my phone. I always draw from reference, but I couldn't look one up, so challenge number 1. I fixed this problem by using fashion magazines, it took me almost no time. Normally, it would take me at least half an hour before I would find a 'good' reference picture.

So I spent my first offline hours drawing. My thoughts while drawing went to my phone. It felt like the pink-elephant-effect. Whenever I tell you, 'don't think about a pink elephant,' you already thought about it. I thought about what some youtubers were up to, which I never thought before, like why would I care about people I have never seen in real life and don't even know my name?

Another interesting thing was that I felt my brain was actively thinking again. I was no longer braindead behind my phone! I was thinking in possibilities and I was thinking about what I could do next, it made me feel so productive.

My dad got a card game as gift, so we tried it out. I lost, but it was fun. It's called level 8, if you are wondering.

The second time I wanted to get on my phone was, after I got some avocado's. I had never made something with avocado's, so I had no idea what to do. There were no recipes in my outdated cookbooks, so I improvised and squished the avocado on some crackers, put some salt, pepper and chia seeds on it and tada, a (late) lunch. It was really good btw.

In the beginning of this year, I made up some new years resolutions and one of them was reading 52 books (1 book a week). The thing was, after reading 7 books, I never started a new one and I was so not hyped about it, even tho I enjoyed reading all the 7 books. Nevertheless I started reading and forgot the reasons why I never went on with it. I got half way through the book (and I HAVE to finish it, I can't wait to read more).

In the night I watched Grease on a DVD! It felt so nostalgic, better than endlessly scanning Netflix for the 1000th time.

So I slept pretty much the rest of my offline hours away. In the morning I read some more and then I went to the gym. After the gym it was already 1PM. So I did it! 24 hours offline.


Hello! I'm looking for some tool to track Chrome usage or all around PC usage similar to all the different apps for smartphone.


As ironic as it may be, since i just came back and i’m here writing this, but i did this also thanks to you so i want to share this now: I recently moved to a new city, in a new country with different language, i still cannot orient myself around much, so i felt a bit worried to be out and get lost in the city without google maps. but it all went fine! I walked almost aimlessly for 2.5 hours just deciding where to go on the spot, wherever i was captured by a scenery or a particular view. oh and most important i found my way back easily and unexpectedly! walking through unknown streets and then seeing something familiar, realizing that i’m just 200m from home, that felt great.

Also my mind was free from questions like whether i should be taking photos, checking up whether someone is writing me, feeling that ‘phantom vibration’ on my left leg, i was just on my own and with myself.

Thank you


So lately I have become very self-conscious about how much I am on my phone. It annoys me so bad, because it’s making me feel useless. Everyday I started my day with scrolling on my phone, watching YouTube videos and checking up on messages. The next 24 hours I am going to disconnect my WiFi and try not to pick up my phone. (Even tho, I allow myself to use the notes app, because I am a writer and I just need that). I will let you know what thoughts or feelings popped up while my 24 hours offline. Who is joining me?

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