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I'm not going to delete other posts that are already posted, but, as this is going to be a popular topic for the next few days, I am making a superthread to cover it.

Please post all thoughts, complaints, etc. here. We usually only do this during election time, but this event seems substantial enough (White supremacist ethno-nationalist fascist terrorist) to merit it in my opinion, so we're going with this.

Here is one of many articles covering the event.

My thoughts:

Terrorism should always be condemned and I've seen no lack of condemnation for this. My problem is that these individuals clearly wanted to spread their ideology and that is succeeding. I've already seen a good chunk of young men (ages 14-22) promoting this ideology already. It's looking to be the new "counter-culture" similar to how the sexual and drug revolutions were in their day. Additionally, they keep claiming "inspiration" from people they were clearly not inspired by (such as PewDiePie), and this forces those individuals to condemn the actions (giving the ideology more presence) or the media will crucify them as accomplices.

Ultimately, the correct action to do would be to state that terrorism happened and spouting the ideology would be a detriment, since that's what the terrorist wants, but they're playing to the media's total inability to leave topics like these alone, because the media will profit off of reporting them. Not only this, it will promote an even greater political divide, because the left will blame the right for growing this ideal, and the right will promote the ideal, even in their condemnation of it, by giving it attention. The left will normalize the idea that Ethno-nationalism is just a part of being right wing, and the ideology will be normalized.

So now, we're stuck. Game over, terrorists win.

Feel free to share your thoughts as well.


Im 18 now and got a job at the age 16 at a pizza place. I put in hours of work and every paycheck I saved at-least 50-75% of my paycheck. After 2 years of saving money, spending wisely, and working more hours every now and then Ive came up to 14k and my parents found out when I went to go get a credit card.

They now think Im dealing drugs to get the money. I try explaining I saved but they don’t believe me. They bark me down with questions everyday and constantly talk about how Im a evil child that deals drugs.

I just cant wait til college so I can start a new life away from my family. This is just honestly annoying and feels degrading for how much effort I put into my money.

EDIT: Thank you for everyone giving me advice, I am changing my pin and card number since I am getting a new credit card already and I am gonna put protection on my card as in put most of it into savings. I appreciate all of you saying you’re proud of me and I couldn’t be any happier to know at least someone besides me is proud. I love you all. I also posted this to r/justnofamily so Im sorry if yall see a repost of this if you follow both subreddits.


I've never been popular, or well liked. In high school I had a very, very small number of friends, and several people actively disliked me.

Last week I went on vacation, so I didn't work for 5 days. I work full time so that's a long time.

When I came back, one coworker hugged me. Several more said they'd missed me. They genuinely cared that I was gone, and were happy that I came back. Walking in the door I felt like a celebrity, everyone was saying my name and greeting me and everyone who came in was happy to see me.

I'm sure it was less dramatic than I felt like but it literally made me feel warm inside. For one minute, I forgot about my depression. It felt good.


(TL;DR Art school, and perhaps college in general, is a total scam and I'm now deep in debt and furious about it)

I've been an illustrator in some capacity since I was 16 years old. I always strove to make art my career, and struggled doing so. My desire to do what I'm best at for a living has cost me friendships and relationships. I've been driven as hell for most of my life and have always lived on my own terms. I'm now 41, and am now working as a graphic designer (day job) and have a contract to illustrate graphic novels for the next couple of years (freelance).

I decided to go to art school (Columbus College of Art & Design) in 2014 (at age 36) because I thought the lack of a degree was what has been holding me back. The school had a great reputation. Two weeks in, I completely regretted that decision. I quickly learned that not only did I have more experience than most of my instructors, but they openly held that against me and made me an example on an almost daily basis. I expected to be an outcast among the students due to my age, but actually became one of the most popular people there, much to my chagrin. I was expected by both faculty and the student body to help other students with their work and act as a mentor. The faculty at that school is a fucking joke. There were absolutely no programs in place for non-traditional students. My level of knowledge about art benefitted me in absolutely no way, and the entire time I was there I felt like I was swimming in the kiddie pool. By the time I was in my sophomore year, some of the more respectable illustration professors started taking me aside for private talks in which they said in no indirect terms that I "shouldn't be there." Most students didn't even try to finish their work, and we were literally expected to clap (yes I mean literally applaud) each and every student's work during critiques, whether it was any good or even finished. Everyone was praised for everything. Social Justice was RAMPANT, and the last class I ever attended was in my junior year, when a student loudly proclaimed "YOU CAN'T SAY THAT!!" when an instructor said in class "maybe you'll want to start a family one day" in a lecture about work ethic. That instructor ended up getting in very hot water and suddenly did not teach there anymore. About 70% of the student body claimed ti be transgender.

I dropped out angrily after several meetings with the president of the college and the dean of students.

I am embarrassed at the amount of time, effort, and money I wasted trying to get my degree.

I am now $64,000 in debt. My family is ashamed of me for quitting.

I got a job in the art field anyway, and I make more money than any of the so-called "professionals" that teach at CCAD.


We dated for like a month. It’s quite embarrassing to think about.


I'm more typing this as a reminder for myself. I'm late 20's and a guy, and most people have had sex by now. I've never met someone i connected with on that level. I'm on a bunch of apps and putting a little effort into the whole "gettng laid" thing. No luck. I've been told i'm decent looking, i'm not fat, i am in solid shape but have had a lot of depression and anxiety most of my life. It's just the way it is. I've got a lot going for me other than that.

I'll keep trying to find someone, whether its just the right person for a hookup or a relationship, whatever. What I do know though is all this shit is just making me realize its too much work to fuck people you don't care about and i don't click with a lot of people. I'm hard to get to know, and i'm very introverted so "getting to know me" is not a "few dates" kind of deal. Thus, finding people willing to take that kind of time these days is incredibly difficult.

The worst part is how people make judgements and assume shit about you that is the worst. I've noticed our society assumes something is wrong with you if you're a guy and you don't live up to the macho alpha stereotype, even lots of feminists secretly expect guys to be sex machines, they just won't admit it!

Even worse, old people assume if you have no kids or girlfriend, you are some kind of child molester or one in the making. Or a serial killer. Or gay (that's another popular one that makes my blood boil, and it really pisses me off given that i was molested by a man when i was little).

I hate people like this, and they seem to be very very common. Always making snooty judgements, asking really nosy questions about your personal life to see if you fit their standard of "normal." It's really messed up that people think "normal" is having a gf, kid, and a dog. If you don't have these, you're immediately suspect. I've always thought this was such a shallow view after seeing movies like Donnie Darko as a kid, where the "loving preacher" guy ends up being a massive pedophile.

And yet, i'm the guy with no gf, no pets, nothing. Just me, and its because i am independent and good with my money, just waiting for my proper match that i'm at least somewhat attracted to.

This kind of pressure to hook up or "find someone" is really shitty and toxic, because it tells people "oh you just gotta get married" .. "oh you just gotta get into a relationship now" ... without considering if they really want one or are even ready, let alone are they doing it with the right person.


As the title suggests; I hate it. I hate the sight of Xanax, I hate the name of Xanax, and I hate that Xanax was the catalyst that took two of my friends. I almost lost a third, too. I found him face down in his room, where I then ran to get his roommates. We began to perform CPR until the paramedics arrived and resuscitated him with narcan. Had I found him about 2 minutes later, he wouldn’t be here right now. With that said, I pray nobody reading this ever has to see something like that. It changes you. It shows you the darkest side of drugs.

Now, I don’t want to be a hypocrite. I smoke weed daily. I’ve dabbled in my fair share of harder drugs, but never have I ever touched Xanax. And nor will I ever, for that exact reason. Using it for its intended reason and legitimate reasons is one thing, but when it’s not, Xanax is akin to playing with fire.

So, when I go into that sub and see people glorifying the hundreds of pills that someone got, or seeing the hotshot plug bragging about how many he could take, all I can think to myself is how foolish can you be? For all they know, one of those bars could be the death sentence for someone and, they just don’t know it yet. Addiction knows no gender or race. It cares not whether you are poor or rich, smart or dumb. It is a beast with no conviction that gives no mercy when it grabs you.

If you’re struggling or recovering and on the brink of relapse, please reach out to someone, anyone. Even me. I may be just an internet stranger, but I’m an internet stranger who is willing to listen to you.

Sorry for the long post but I needed to let this out. Addiction is a horrible disease, my friends, and I hate to see it glorified.

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