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As someone who has been a Dungeon Master on several occasions, I feel as though anyone that puts the time and effort into organising and possibly creating an entire campaign for a party of adventurers, deserves at least one thank you.

"Poop!" she said proudly in the middle of the night. "Whose poop?" I asked, intrigued. "Kangaroo," was the reply.

Next morning she laughed like mad when I told her about this.

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Original Poster2 points · 20 hours ago

Please tell me you're Australian xD

I'm Russian, she's Chinese. Which makes it an even more curious thing to utter in her sleep.

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Original Poster2 points · 18 hours ago

Being Australian myself, that makes me incredibly curious as to why she'd say that.

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Being barefoot is great. Any time that I don't need to wear shoes, I don't really wear them. It feels good to have everything under your feet without a sole to interrupt it.

Uh... I'm currently eating a family-sized bag of Doritos and I have a Snickers bar beside me too. But I worked out today, so it should be fine, right? XD

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Yep. Without any swear words. The writing is beautiful.

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I'll have to have a look!

Is it better than Harry Potter? Because honestly, the Harry Potter novels are overrated.

Hmm. It would be a battle of morals. Whoever gave up their pacifistic views would win the duel, but also lose within themselves.

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I've almost got the first round of edits done for my modern paranormal fantasy novel called Ghosts Be Gone. I've also started a subreddit for writers r/FictionWriting which almost has 300 members so far but with no content. I'd love for any of you to ask questions, share tips, ask for critique and more so long as it doesn't violate any rules.

And thanks, moderators of r/fantasywriters for letting us talk about our stuff here.

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